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Wedding Photography By Frilly Focal Photography

Thank you for stopping by the Frilly Focal Photography website whilst searching for a photographer for your special day. I began shooting weddings in 2010 and can truly say I LOVE my job. The opportunity to tell the story of a couple’s special day is one I take very seriously but at the same time […]

A Few Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

A Few Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer First of all, if you are looking for a wedding photographer then thank you for stopping by here. I have created this blog post to give as much insight into choosing a wedding photographer as possible. This is quite a long read but an informative […]

Laurent Hanseeuw

Laurent Hanseeuw – Fellow Itinera Institute Laurent is business engineer – finance specialisation – from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management (2008). Laurent also holds a master in European Economic Studies (College of Europe, 2009). Before he joined Itinera in January 2011, Laurent worked on several projects for the ‘Conseil d’Analyse Economique’ in […]

Ivan Van de Cloot

Ivan Van de Cloot – Chief Economist Itinera Institute Ivan Van de Cloot studied economics at the University of Antwerp and was research assistant for two years in the domain of public finances. As a consultant he helped preparing the liberalisation of the gas and electricity market in Belgium. Afterwards he worked as an economist […]

Video Optical Purchase

Technical solutions adopted to achieve the function of PDH, Optical manufacturers seem to matter, nothing to do with the user, but in fact not the case. Different technical solutions to achieve the PDH, and its technical specifications, stability, reliability, project cost is entirely different. (1) Optical data interface: In order to meet the needs of […]

LCD TV wall installation guide splicing

LCD TV wall to protect the proper use of stitching, to extend the TV wall of life, should develop measures to meet their requirements. Power requirements: The system’s power is AC 220V. With three-pin socket; socket number is greater than the number of displays, and LCD TV wall controllers and control computers and other splicing-phase […]