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Video Optical Purchase

Technical solutions adopted to achieve the function of PDH, Optical manufacturers seem to matter, nothing to do with the user, but in fact not the case. Different technical solutions to achieve the PDH, and its technical specifications, stability, reliability, project cost is entirely different. (1) Optical data interface: In order to meet the needs of […]

LCD TV wall installation guide splicing

LCD TV wall to protect the proper use of stitching, to extend the TV wall of life, should develop measures to meet their requirements. Power requirements: The system’s power is AC 220V. With three-pin socket; socket number is greater than the number of displays, and LCD TV wall controllers and control computers and other splicing-phase […]

The role of switching power supply transformer and classification

Effect Switching power supply transformers and switch together constitute a self-excited (or excited him) is the intermittent oscillator, thus modulating the input DC voltage into a high-frequency pulse voltage. Play a role in energy transfer and conversion in the flyback circuit, when the switch turns on, the transformer to convert electrical energy into magnetic energy […]

Composition of switching power supply transformer

Switch the main power transformer materials: magnetic materials, conductors and insulating materials is the core of the transformer switch. Magnetic Materials: Switching power supply transformers for the ferrite magnetic material used, its frequency components and applications can be divided into two major Department of MnZn NiZn class system and the former has a high permeability […]

Development of terrestrial wireless network industry price usb TV stick

“Star 9″ 2 two Ku satellite transponder loading, power of 10,700 watts, the default length of survival 15 years, is a big power, by the risk of living is high, the survival of life-long broadcast TV direct broadcast satellite 2, terrestrial wireless environment for the growth of property collection Digital terrestrial TV to follow the […]