General Health Risks For Visitors To Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea being in a tropical country, most of the health risks are related to the environment. There are hundreds of websites with information on tropical diseases. Those common to PNG are: – Malaria – Dengue – Chikungunya – Parasitic infections – Diarrhoeal illnesses including cholera – Respiratory infections such as the common cold – TB which is a big problem right now with the emergence of multi-drug resistant […]

Information Communication Technology And Social Media Transforming Papua New Guinea

A recent report coming out of Lowy Institute by Danielle Cave revealed the following: – An estimated 60% of Pacific Islanders have access to a mobile phone. – In 2006 there were 100,000 mobile phone users. Enter Digicel 2007 and by 2008 there was an 8 fold increase! To 874,000 users. By 2009 the figure was 1.4 million users (PNG Population is 7 million). – This is an increase of […]

Disney World Savings Guide

Going to Disney does not have to be the expensive vacation that it sometimes turns out to be. There are so many ways to save on your trip and with proper planning you can actually save hundreds of dollars on your next trip. There are ways to save on food, hotels, souvenirs, and more. Going on a trip to Disney can be affordable. Learning the tricks to savings and where […]

Low Cost Air Travel to Finland

It does not have to cost too much money to get into Finland. People can get into all sorts of options for low cost air travel to Finland by using some easy to handle ideas for getting into the area. These ideas involve taking a look at who offers flights as well as what special deals are available among a number of other useful points that anyone can use when […]

Finland’s Big Festival and Events

Finland lies in the northeastern part of Europe between the Russian Federation in the east, Sweden in the west and Norway in the north. Over the centuries, the Finnish people have worked hard to preserve their national identity, defined by neutrality, and unique festivals that are based on old paganism and Lutheran Christianity, which is the country’s main religion. However, most Finnish people have a very secular outlook and this […]

The Best Time to Visit Finland

With its thousands of lakes, islands, snow capped mountains and pristine coniferous forests, Finland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Situated in the far northeastern tip of Europe, its northern part lies well within the Arctic Circle. Here in the Lapland, where the Sami people still live a nomadic life with their herds of reindeer it snows more or less throughout the year. But Finland is […]